Let’s Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination has been considered as the most common psychological and behavioral challenge that affect a large number of individuals.

This is especially so as it is a productivity affecting disease condition that can cause a lot of stress and depression. Some persons can relate to this as a deer staring into the headlights of an on-coming vehicle, yes even fear can cause a delay in action. That fear is what many of us tend to use as an excuse NOT to move forward in our thoughts or ideas. We always believe that there is a “tomorrow” and some-how it’ll be better then.

When fully researched persons can waste up to a third of their day with stalling activities. Some of these include the easy task of sleeping, watching our favorite “Netflix” program and even reading. Surely there are other diversions such as social media, and maybe right now someone reading this may be doing so to avoid making a decision.

Let’s admit it – Some of us are victims of this stalling technique.

How do we solve this? Well, we’ve almost kinda know – but, sometimes we need a bit of prompting. We need to look for ways to stop procrastinating because this condition can be very damaging and can wreak havoc on our lives and that of our friends and family.

This is a condition that is characterized by the inability of completing and accomplishing the tasks that we want to accomplish. When we are unable to do this the result is never good. As a woman, it is important for us to discover ways in which we can stop procrastination, so that you can get back to our life and living. That is what the reggae song said – “Life is meant for living….

Let’s not suffer from the stress and let us get motivated to lead a more productive and satisfactory life. Moreover we’ll will also need to get rid of the clutters in our life and reorganize our life so that we can grow in the different areas. Heck lets make a decision explore…

3 Tips to reduce procrastination include-

Set our goals– Rather than getting overwhelmed with the clutters in our life, we will need to be goal oriented. This is very important for movement forward so that we can hit our targets easily. This is the best way of overcoming laziness and helps us to remember our purpose and core objectives. Once this is set even written on the fridge door so that we have a clear idea about what should be done, then we work to put something in place to achieve the goal. Even partner or enroll a girlfriend or two or another family member.

Make a decision – making the right decision is very important for getting rid of the clutter. So what if we made a poor decision right now – then the next decision we make is to correct that last step and move forward. We all make mistakes – let’s just “shut up and drive“… Working on clearing through the unwanted objects which will pop-up as well as once we start doing this our moods and energy will lift.

Make deadlines – if we are going to stop procrastination, then we should make deadlines. Some of us surely remember the quote: “…If it weren’t for the last minute nothing would get done....” It always seem as if that deadline suddenly moves from “plenty of time” to right around the corner. However this helps us meet our objectives – when we have a deadline, even within a short span of time. It also helps us cut down the unnecessary time that is wasted in thinking and doing unproductive work.

Remember everything else may be a distraction…