Introvert – Extrovert – Ambivert

5 Signs You Are An Ambivert

Ever felt that sometimes you posses the personalities of an Introvert, but other times you feel like you are an Extrovert as well? That you enjoy your own company, but you also enjoy the company of other people? Do not worry, maybe that is because you are an ambivert.

Being aware of your personality can help you improve your relationship with other people. If you are still confused of the personalities you possess, we have listed 5 signs you might be an ambivert.

1. You love your time with others, but you also value your alone time.

There will be phases where you get excited and want to be with other people, but at some point you feel like you are not in the mood to socialize and just want to spend with yourself. This is normal for ambivert people, with just the perfect timing and learn both personalities that you possess, you would be able to enjoy eitherway.

2. You are a listener and a communicator as well.

Extroverts prefer to speak a lot and introverts prefer to just listen and observe. But ambiverts know when is the right time to speak up and when is the right time to listen. This is a good way to socialize with different types of people.

3. You can regulate behavior.

Ambiverts have the ability to adjust and fit with the person or situation naturally. You know how to react and respond to different situations. You personality is flexible depending on who you socialize with and what the situation is.

4. Empathy is natural to you.

Ambiverts are able to listen and talk to people with pure understanding of where you are coming from. You have the ability to listen, offer solutions, and understanding their feelings all at the same time.

5. You are able to provide balance.

In case there will be times awkwardness between your group, ambiverts have the ability to provide balance to the social dynamic. They can easily help introverts feel comfortable to speak and for when is the right time for extroverts to listen.

It is truly important to be aware of your own personality and to keep track of your feelings. This will help you know how to act on certain situations and also know yourself even more. hopefully, the things stated above helped you identify if you are an ambivert or not. Always remember that it is only you who really know and who can figure out what you fill and when you feel most fulfilled and happy.