I Married A Gold Digger

Article by: Fabian Anthony

Three years ago, my life took an unexpected turn, and it all started with a big dream and a dream wedding. It felt like a fairy tale, but then came a twist that left me questioning everything.

Just months before our big day, I lost my job.

The company was tightening its belt due to the pandemic, and I found myself on the chopping block. Suddenly, the life my wife and I had planned seemed to crumble before our eyes. We couldn’t afford the grand wedding we’d envisioned, and to make matters worse, our government imposed strict restrictions on gatherings, which left us with a tough decision to make: Wait until after the pandemic or go to court and get married.

The Other Side

After some discussion, we chose the court wedding. It wasn’t the celebration we had imagined, and I couldn’t help but feel frustrated about the situation. Little did I know, the real journey was only just beginning.

I thought I knew my wife pretty well; however, she revealed a side I had never seen before, nor did I see it coming.

We dated for less than a year before we decided to tie the knot, so maybe I missed a few flags along the way.

Growing up, people always told me that I had great potential and was sitting on a gold mine, but I never knew exactly what they were speaking about.

However, my wife seemed to know something. Soon after we got married, she started investing in new equipment – a computer, a mini studio, a microphone, and editing programs – encouraging me to create content.

She was relentless, and I found that a bit odd.

Her “encouragement” often got on my last nerve, and I wondered what on earth had I gotten myself into. Why was she so determined to see me dive deep into personal content creation?

It turns out that she was gold digging. She had identified a set of unique talents in me, and she believed in my ability to be great more than I believed in my ability to be good.


Today, three years into our marriage, I’m getting closer to achieving my five-year goal of becoming one of the most influential and sought-after speakers on the planet. This journey of self-discovery and realizing the potential that had been hidden all along would not have been possible without my wife’s gold digging.

So, while the term ‘gold digger’ often carries a negative connotation, I’ve come to realize that having someone who believes in you and supports your growth is invaluable.

I married a Gold Digger in the best way, and I hope you find one too.

About the Author: Fabian Anthony – is a Motivational Speaker, Poetic Voice, and Insurance Advisor. He is a passionate and talented communicator, who uses the power of his words to make a profound and positive impact on his audience. As a motivational speaker and spoken word artist, he strives to inspire, empower, and transform lives, leaving a lasting impact wherever he goes. Connect with Fabian.