3 Tips To Deal With Ghosting

Ghosting is an unfortunate situation most of us have been in. If a person you are texting does not reply or does so after a long period of time, you are being ghosted. Excuses from a person that does so, like “I was sick” or “I was tired” are just excuses. If they honestly wanted to talk with you, they would, or they would at least notify that they cannot text at the moment. Here are three tips to deal with ghosting.

Stop texting them.

Continuing to text a person who is ghosting you does not help. If they decided to do so, they will. Texting after being ignored for a long time will make you appear needy and insecure. The first and the most important step to deal with ghosting is to cut contact with that person until and if they text you first.

Do not take it personally.

It is very important to understand that it is not your fault if you were ghosted. It can happen to all of us, and it says more about the person who is ghosting, than the one who is being ghosted. You did not make anything wrong, and you are not a bad person. If you were, a person that is not responding would still text at least something to you.

Move on.

Moving on from a person who is ghosting you will not only solve the problem, but it will help you in other areas of your life. Forgetting about such person will save you time spent texting to a black hole.

Time is valuable, and allocating saved time to improving yourself or building a valuable relationship with another person will make you overcome this problem.

In conclusion, ghosting sucks. The most important thing to remember is that being ghosted has nothing to do with yourself, as it can happen to everyone regardless of the person.

Do not be afraid to move on and pursue other relationships.


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