3 Tips on Maintaining Your Posture As You Work From Home

3 Tips To Maintain A Good Body Posture as We Cling To Remote Work Space

1. Take A Break to Exercise and Do Some Stretching

After a long period of time sitting in your chair or in your bed, assign 15 minutes of your time to do some exercise like yoga and pilates. Too much sitting can strain your back and your body, making you slouch. A quick break from work wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Start your exercise first by stretching your neck, back, hips, and arms. You can also try doing chin tucks, corner pec stretch, and figure-4 hip stretch. This will release and loosen up all the build-up tension and strains in your muscle. To prevent slouching, practice sitting upright in your chair, place a pillow on your back with your arms against the armrest with your legs stretched upfront. Try this now and let us know how it feels.

2. Improve Your Working Space

We all share the same sentiments about the drastic transition of working from home.

With this, there are some people that are not ready for this particular work set-up where workspace can be a little cramped up. To improve your ideal work area, use a chair and desk that is suitable for adjustments to accommodate your specific fit. Your tools should also be near to you so that you prevent exerting too much body movement which might cause stress and strain.

3.Drink Water Often To Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking enough water is one of the holistic ways to keep you in good body posture. The sufficient amount or intake of water in your body enables the tissues in your joints and spine to be more elastic.

It strengthens the discs in your spine. by requiring a lot of water to make a stronger padding, which effectively helps you in maintaining good posture and prevents shrinking.