1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days, How About 60 Days?

Connecting with our various readers and subscribers has always brought quite a few interesting perspectives to our team at Womens Mag. Sometimes it makes you take a step back, and enjoy the moment through the eyes of these wonderful individuals. It is always awesome to see what some persons are doing and achieving in their respective spaces.

When we recently linked up with author Christine Phipps Davis, who created the book “Color With The Word – 60 Days of Peace and Color“, we found out that she is already creating a change within her circles of influence. Just imagine how this will spread, like how a pebble causes a ripple in a pool of water. This book is timely, especially as a source of therapy, as well as a learning tool.

One thing that Christine brought to the fore, is, what peace means to her. She shared with us her thoughts:

Peace to me is a state of stillness and quietness within us and surrounding us. Peace is a feeling of serenity and usually when we are at peace we are able to think more clearly and make better decisions and choices for ourselves and others”.

Christine can absolutely speak from a position of knowledge especially as she is a Wife, a Mom of Three children, and yet added to her plate, is that of being an Entrepreneur. Somewhere in there, must be the time to settle your mind and space, in order to juggle all of these responsibilities. This also comes complete with the dynamic rate that life goes by, along with the various challenges which an individual may meet. If you really consider it at ground level, a person can lose their wits in managing.

What Christine highlighted, is that one of the ways to make it through is to find that peace.

As she said, sometimes peace can be lost because of our surroundings, or because of individuals that we have in our social circle or even our family.

Peace can be lost because of unsurety of the next steps we should take. It can be lost due to words that others have spoken to us and we have knowingly or unknowingly accepted them. Peace can also be lost, when we have lost someone due to death, or a separation.

Christine was inspired to develop her own coloring book, suitable for all ages. However it is not just a run-of-the-mill book publication. In fact, when we scouted around, our team realised that this form of therapy is a Big Deal!!! Many are hurting and are unable to settle – and this coloring book, as indicated, is not for those who think that they may have it all together. We all know someone who may be in a Nursing Home, or, someone who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In fact, there are children who are undergoing fear due to the Covid Pandemic, or that may be in foster care.

This coloring book, has been designed with these persons in mind to offer a sense of calm, hope and of course, peace.

Regaining our peace once it’s lost, can be hard. This may also be based on the issues surrounding the respective circumstance. A lot of times we have to find something or somewhere that we can go that will help us to forget about what took our peace.

How Long Did It Take?

By the way, would you believe on this journey – it took more than two years to go from concept, through to development and on to completion of this project. It is now readily available to persons. The journey as any one meeting up with Christine can appreciate, was not a smooth road. From the loss of her Dad, to other challenges which impacted her family and even her directly, this is a serious work in practicality and not theory.

Christine’s daughter asked her to color with her, with the first time saying “No” that she didn’t feel like coloring. Her daughter asked her again. This time around Christine said “Okay”, and she and her daughter began to color. Christine noticed that sometime during the coloring, she had gained some peace. 

Considering that this book is a tool, it my be great for parents and teachers as a developmental resource. Be reminded, that it (peace) may not come overnight, but a constant diet of peace will result in change. Change in your surroundings as well as even a change in an individual. The offer has also been provided to counsellors looking for resource options, as it makes sense to collaborate now more than ever.

One person who reviewed this resource said…”it is a masterful strategy to unlock emotional trauma and provide the readers and participants a vehicle to take them from victimhood to freedom“. For some it is music, for others it may be going out to a movie or shopping, and yet for others it may be coloring and listening to peaceful music.

Let us know how it works for you, when you reach out to Christine