Unwanted Hair…

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair on Your Face in a Jiffy

Women have hair growth on their upper lips and chin throughout their lives. The hormones of a woman depend on the quantity of the hair she has. We all have problems on removing these stubborn hair that seem to grow back now and then. Facial hair on a woman is a problem millions of women all around the world face.

This excessive or unwanted hair grows generally as a condition called hirsutism. Do note that all – [ALL] women have have facial and body hair, and it is usually fine and light in color almost unnoticeable at times.

There is a difference though of the hair on a woman’s body or on her face, and that which is caused by the hirsutism. That difference is the texture, as it is primarily coarser and darker than the “normal” growth.

Women who have to battle this have characteristics which are commonly linked with male hormones, and it tends to also run in families.

Here we’ll provide you with a few easy solutions for taking care of unwanted hair.

Tips for removing unwanted facial hair

Shave. Invest in a good quality razor and shaving won’t be such a problem anymore. A good razor will ensure that the hair follicles get cut from the root and take a fairly long time to grow back.

Wax. You can also try for waxing which is another effective way to get rid of unwanted hair fast. There are a number of home waxing kits worth investing that are widely available on the market.

Laser. There are also a lot of home laser treatments available which offer you a quick and easy fix. They also tend to make the hair thinner over time so their appearance also starts to fade. Laser home treatments can be a bit pricey but they ensure that you achieve a completely hair free look in no time.

Cream. Hair removal creams are also another great option and ensure that your follicles fall of naturally.

Tweezers. You can always opt for the old school tweezing and get rid of the most stubborn hair. Maybe add bleaching as a part of your tweezing process so that the end result ensures a completely hair free look. When you bleach your hair after you are done with your tweezing, the appearance of any leftover hair follicle completely disappears. A good quality bleach will ensure that the appearance of your hair takes longer to come back.

*Extreme care must be taken if carrying out the bleaching process…*

Maybe if you have any suggestions which you have tried…please feel free to share so that we can let our club members know as well…

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