How Do You Choose Your Bra?

Here’s what I do to choose mine…

As you know, choosing a good bra is essential for us women. What is important as well is that as simple as it sounds – a bra helps to maintain proper body posture throughout the day. Oh the relief sometimes when we take them off right??? The bra though also helps you to move naturally while carrying out our activities and can also correct some breast imperfections as well if any. I would suggest that the basis of a good choice of bra is to know exactly the size of your breasts.

The BRA SIZE must fit perfectly to your body to help you comfortable. There is nothing like an uncomfortable piece of ill-fitting underwear. You have to take into account some factors, which also include the size of the back and shoulders and the type of activity you may have to perform.

Here are my 3 tips to choosing the right BRA SIZE.

Consider Your Back & Shoulders

What BRA SIZE do you need? Then consider your back and shoulders. Many of us tend to look only at the size of our breasts. If this is the only factor it would lead you to buy the wrong bra. When you are trying on the bra, ensue that it aligns with your back. By the way – double check your posture as well for optimum fit. If you notice that your bra is climbing up your back when you put it on, it’s because it’s too big for you.

Notice that the bra has a good supportive back base, as that is what helps to hold our breasts in place. On the other hand if you feel those bretels and elastic hurting you, it’s because that bra is now too small…


The bra of your choice should adapt to the activities you do daily.

If you like to do a significant amount of physical activity it is convenient that you buy a good quality sports bra. This type of bra may have a different size orientation than the regular bra. This is why I think that it’s a good idea to try on several bras, until you find the one that best suits.

Now remember, each brand like anything else shoes, socks, shirts, and so on has it own “cut” and sizing as well. Therefore some brands may point to a different size than you think you have. This may need to be said…

Any Changes Your Body Undergo

One thing which we know for sure – is that our bodies undergo changes so often… The woman’s body undergoes various hormonal changes throughout her life: From puberty, menstruation, PMS, pregnancy, lactation, menopause, and all the other stuff in-between.

These changes lead to weight gain or even noticeable weight loss.

This is important as we need to know our own body which includes breast size. You need to measure your breasts if you’re going through any particular hormonal change. In fact, we might not be going through anything but stress and our breasts will still change.

There is generally an increase in the size of breasts during menstruation, but, when that is completed or nearing there then our body and breast return to their original size. During pregnancy as well, the breasts increase a lot in size, so it is necessary to buy a bra especially for that period. Obviously, if we’ve lost weight, then our breasts have also decreased in size. Every body change influences our BRA SIZE, remember to keep that in mind.