Your Lipstick Colour

 Your Lipstick Colour

Wearing the right colour of lipstick is something that many women want to know more about. Did you know that the lipstick you usually wear can say a lot about you? Indeed, studies and surveys reveal that the color of your lipstick says a lot about your personality and what you pass on to others when you wear it.

Your lipstick is an important part of your life, and here are some some tips for you to get the most out of it. Therefore, we will let you know about your personality related to your lipstick`s colour.

Energetic. If you are a bubbly woman, a hot pink lipstick will be fine for you. You tend to exude a true sense of playfulness. This also matches the high level of energy in your personality. Having a mischievous side, these women tend to run with the wolfs at all times of the day and night.

Confidence. Women wearing a pump lipstick tend to seem confident at almost all times. Shying away from a spotlight is a sin for these types of women, and they are very proud of this at all times. To back down from a challenge is what they will not do.

Passion and No-nonsense. If you sport a red lipstick, passion is in your blood. You love being in love, so the world has to endure the amazing red on your mouth.

Do you mind being the center of attention?

Of course not, and these women will not do this either. Red is never out of fashion. Reminder – It’s the color of passion and sexuality and women who use it frequently on their lips are usually very sexy, attractive and love to be the center of attention, because this tone does not go unnoticed.

If you’re used to wearing an intense red lipstick , whatever the tone of the color range you choose, you’re sure to be sure of yourself , a bold, ambitious woman who is not afraid of anything . Of course, this is what others perceive of you: they see you as a strong woman with a lot of character and style.

Orange and coral. Do you prefer warm colors for your lipstick? If you prefer orange and coral lipsticks, you are someone very happy and young, a dreamer who likes to experiment and who is very sociable. Your friends see you as optimistic, they know they can always count on your support and always have fun with you.

The orange lipsticks are very bright and also show that you like to change your look, that you are passionate about fashion and that nothing scares you: you can wear all the trends of the moment!

Intense roses. The red fuchsia lips and hot pink are also popular and are worn by women sociable, extroverted and feminine.The intensity of these tones reveals that you have a glamorous style, but with a rock touch. This is the lipstick for very adventurous girls, music lovers, who love to travel and who are always surrounded by good friends.

Fuchsia is also the color of women who succeed in both professional and social life.

Pale roses or flesh. Sweet, dreamy, romantic, innocent … That’s what your pale pink lipstick says about you every day. This tone is usually associated with gentleness, femininity and ingenuity but that does not mean you are immature or too childish. However, you can define yourself as a very intuitive and ambitious girl with a lot of empathy, who tries to understand your neighbor by putting you in his skin and this quality is always appreciated.

If you don’t wear any kind of lipstick, it means that you are a no-nonsense female. This is fine too. You like to be taken by your serious side, and this is another part of your personality that you truly love. Being in the middle of the practical stuff is something that you adore.

Flesh Tones. The flesh tones on the lips also characterize the very soft girls and a little introverted, but at the same time, they emphasize their natural side and indicate which are very sure of them. Indeed, they do not feel the need to highlight their lips and use them as a weapon of seduction.

Violets. Do you have purple or purple lipsticks galore? So, you are certainly a very confident woman who is very daring, has a strong personality and is ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. All girls do not dare to put lipstick in intense tones, but why not innovate and give a different touch to all your looks.

Purple lipsticks could also reveal that you are a mysterious woman with a rebellious side: a combination that some of us can make use to our advantage.

Brown and chocolate. If you have brown lips or makeup with irresistible chocolate tones that are fashionable, do you know what your lipstick conveys to others? The others will perceive you as a calm woman, a little cold and nostalgic. They will know that gaining your trust is not easy, but once they have won it, they will see that you are a person they can always count on.

The color of a lipstick says a lot about the personality of any woman out there. Energetic women love pink lipsticks while passionate ones love red lipsticks. Women have many differences, even amidst the stereo-type, But!!! Who says that we are going to stick to this stereo-typical expectation?


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