Words of Strength For The Mum with a Pre-mature Baby

Article by: Iania Boyce

He was born at 33 weeks 6 days via EMLSCS due to maternal pregnancy induced hypertension and a suspicious CTG trace. What does it all mean? 1.46Kg the birth weight of Nathan. For me a first-time mum, a whirl wind of emotions, filled with anxiety and fear.

Will he make it? I thought to myself when I heard the surgeon say the baby is out.  Yes of course he will, as the doctors raced to check his vitals. The off to the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) he went as doctors closed my incision.

There he was; no bigger than the palm of my hand. My entire life, my heart beat, my soul. The product of a love story that started with a tender smile.  There he was – hooked up to machines checking his every breath. It took me two days to see him in person. Unable to walk after surgery and still in immense shock. What just happen? I was just taking maternity photos with the family and now here I was no less than 24 hours later; laying in hospital and wondering how did I get here. 

Maternal pre-eclampsia, how is it that in all of my years no one ever thought to utter this word to me before. High blood pressure, dizziness, water retention, all of a sudden, the information was coming at me faster than lightning. But then I saw his face as he lay surrounded by nurses under 24-hour watch.

And he opened his eyes to me as if to say, mummy I will be ok. 

So, I pumped and pumped but no breast milk to feed him. So, I cried and cried feeling less than a woman. So, I sat a watched him, dressed in my green hospital gown, wishing to hold him. Then finally the day came I had some strength. The orderly wheeled me down to his side.

They placed him on my chest and said; here is your son. Hold him close to your chest. Let him know you are here.

So, I held on to him and whispered, “Mummy is here”. My little boy.

For all of the mothers with pre-mature babies. They are born in their own time. He was ready for the world, I was not quite ready for him. My body could not handle the pressure of pregnancy but the world will not contain his strength.  His will to be alive and the love that we shared brought him to me.

Be strong and remember you are not alone. Our babies are born with the knowledge to survive trying circumstances.

They are born to make a difference.