Try A Virtual World Adventure With Your Kids

Your Parenting Hack – 2 Easy Tips to Create a Virtual Adventure

Virtual learning is becoming the norm with the current pandemic. As a result, parents have to adjust. The following hacks will help the parents in facilitating successful virtual adventure with fewer challenges. 

Set Apart Time for Family Activities

  • Join Your Child in Learning

It is crucial to learn alongside your child. This will have a significant benefit on your child performance. As a parent, you are likely to affect the performance of your child positively if you get involved in learning. Incorporating read-aloud time in your child’s studying schedule is the best way to be involved in your child’s virtual learning environment.  You can join your older kids and help them read through their reading lists. Reading to your small kid aloud will be a good idea. Additionally – as part of the adventure – it may be useful to take a look at the map where the story is set or where the adventure is going. Possibly get dressed up and enjoy some of the “culture” of the country or the region.

  • Allocate Time for Fun

Virtual learning doesn’t mean you spend all the time at home as many parents think. You can opt to spend time away from home by renting an apartment near the beach or mountain despite the pandemic. Currently, hotels have started offering virtual learning packages. This will ensure your family will enjoy the travel, as they do school work and keep social distancing.

  • Interact with Nature

Surprisingly, it is not a must that you physically travel around the world to spice up the virtual learning. You can make a few changes and shift the learning outdoor.  Set a learning environment at the back of your house using sleeping bags, tents and maybe even a campfire.

  • Develop A Positive Learning Environment

Creating the best space will give your kids a sense of belonging. Personalize their working space and help them pin up their work. Also, provide them with the learning materials they require.

  • Keep Space Neat 

When space is well-arranged, kids are likely to concentrate more and think clearly. Keep your home and virtual learning environment, in particular clean and neat. Chaotic environments can lead to anxiety and feeling of helplessness. You don’t want your child to feel overwhelmed.

Make sure your kids learning space has no clutter and toys for them to remain attentive and joyous.

  • Have A Daily Schedule

If you realize kids are missing physical school, come up with a regular daily schedule. Include lunch and tea breaks and let the kids spend time outdoor while enjoying their snacks. For big tasks, break them into intervals of 25 minutes to avoid stressing your child during deadlines. 

  • Use Familiar Methods 

Using methods that are common to your kids will help them follow the schedule successfully. Use timers and alarms. 

  • Include Meals and Snacks

Streamlining meals and snacks is vital Packing lunches the night before, like you do during regular schooling, will be a good deal. Engage your child in preparing their lunch. You will also have to include snacks to extend the virtual learning lessons. 


Consider correcting your child and encouraging them during couching instead of scolding them and showing a negative attitude towards them. Remember this is new to them as well, while we may all be undergoing this new space. Having the right supplies will help keep your child engaged. Invest in a quality printer, markers and whiteboard. Remember you can also buy a lap desk for successful virtual learning; it will help your kid move in the house while still doing their assignments. 

The longer term impact is that you can also influence a child’s career path, and help think big in their respective ideas. Ideas which can also have a significant global impact because they were also encouraged to use their imagination.

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