3 Signs He’s Attracted to You

No one is a fan of getting rejected. That is why it is crucial that one recognizes the signs that a guy is interested in them before making the first move. If you aren’t entirely sure as to how he is feeling the chances of you miscalculating are higher than ever before which can result in you humiliating yourself.

That really isn’t a fun situation to be in for all parties involved.

Popular advice that you may have heard in the past is to follow your gut, but we are going to discourage you from doing so. Instead we are going to offer you some tips that will ensure that you know whether or not the feelings that you are having are mutual.

If you have seen a few of these tips in action, you are probably in luck in regards to scoring a date. It is important of note to mention that these tips are not considered to be a ” One size fits all” situation, as the signs can vary widely per person.

There is a ton of eye contact being shared between the two of you.

Nothing says that you like someone more than a great amount of eye contact. Good eye contact can be used in a variety of different scenarios such as within the business world or friendships, but continuous eye contact is typically limited to those who we could see ourselves being involved with romantically.

It would be a safe bet to assume that someone who is looking deep into your eyes for long periods of times wants to be a little more than just friends.

You find that he is always wanting to talk to you.

Have you noticed that the man of your dreams tends to try and strike up a conversation with you? Regardless of whether it is a deep talk or simply fun chatter, it shows that he is interested in not only spending time with you, but getting to know you better as well. Scientific studies have actually been preformed showing that the more you talk to someone about subjects that you find to be interesting, the more likely it is that a romatic spark will form.

He is blushing non-stop.

This particular step could be considered to be a dead giveaway. Have you noticed that your main guy is constantly blushing when you throw a glace his way? Maybe he even looks nervous?

This is a good sign, if so! If these signs are present the chance are very high that the man is totally into you.

When it comes to blushing, in particular, it is important to really consider all of the aspects. Perhaps your super cute friend is also present? Does he act this way in front of everyone? The main point being that you should not get your hopes up for something that could just be a normal reaction.