PCOS – Let Us Enhance Our Awareness

Article by: Uniqua Griffith

What is PCOS?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a serious genetic, hormone, metabolic, and reproductive disorder that affects women. It is the leading cause of female infertility. PCOS can lead to life-long complications and other serious conditions including severe anxiety and depression, obesity, endometrial cancer, type 2 diabetes, liver disease and cardiovascular disease.

PCOS Affects 1-IN-10 Women

10-15% Women estimated to have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

50% Women with PCOS undiagnosed

50% Women with PCOS will develop type 2 diabetes before age 40

3X Increase risk of women with PCOS developing endometrial cancer

Signs and Symptoms

Irregular periods, excess facial and body hair, severe acne, ovarian cysts, insulin resistance, anxiety and depression, infertility, weight gain, male pattern hair loss, low sex drive, high testosterone levels, fatigue, mood changes

These symptoms can also be linked to your PCOS

o   Tiredness all day and unable to sleep at night

o   Getting cravings 15 minutes after a full meal

o   Being bloated that you may have forgotten what “normal” feels like

Treatments of PCOS


o   Taking vitamins

o   Eliminating toxins

o   Anti-flammatory treatment

o   Reducing stress and anxiety

o   Controlling blood sugar

o   Exercising and losing weight

o   Healthy eating

5 Ways Inosital Helps Women With PCOS

o   It lowers Androgens – women with PCOS tend to have levels of androgen, leading symptoms like hirsutism, acne and male pattern baldness. Inositol can help lower and manage these symptoms.

o   It simulates ovulation – If you’re trying to conceive and you have and irregular cycle, inositol can help you to ovulate and produce better quality eggs, improving your chances of conceiving.

o   It improves insulin sensitivity – So many women struggle with insulin resistance which can make PCOS worse. Inositol can help to improve insulin sensitivity, aiding weight loss.

o   It improves egg quality – Lowered egg quality can impact on fertility and increase the chance of miscarriage. Inositol helps improve egg quality.

Magnesium Glycinate

o   It decreases cravings – 99% of all women with PCOS experience cravings which derail us and are frustrating. Inositol helps reduce cravings, making it easier to reach your PCOS goal.

Magnesium is a mineral that we get through out diets. It is involved in metabolism and is one of the body’s most important electrolytes.

It is needed for over 300 body reactions & functions including detoxification of toxins, regulation of blood sugar levels, relaxation of blood vessels.

Some of the key benefits are:

Regulate cortisol

  • Aid Sleep
  • Support your thyroid health
  • Activate Vitamin D
  • Aids in the making of all important hormones
  • Slow ageist

The Use of Some Magnesium

Magnesium can be quite helpful in improving insulin levels and blood sugar regulation.

Magnesium is deficiency a common symptom of many pre diabetics & supplementing with magnesium improved blood sugar level & metabolic problems by 71%

Magnesium supplements slows the progression from pre-diabetes to Diabetes

Those who have a higher Magnesium intake has improved insulin sensitivity and have a lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Even though studies suggest the daily dose of 350 – 400 mg, Doctors have suggested that by doubling the daily dosage might be needed to ward off symptoms as it is best absorbed and doesn’t have any laxative effects.

Avoid the form of Magnesium Oxide as it is poorly absorbed & can cause tummy trouble.

Epsom salt baths and Magnesium oil sprays are also quite helpful of getting your daily Magnesium intake.

PCOS Starter Pack

  • Mindset Change – Start with changing your mindset. Don’t give in to self-guilt and defeat. Tell yourself that you didn’t cause this but you can control it. It may take a while but you’re willing to put in the efforts to get better.
  • Join a community – PCOS is one condition that requires support and encouragement. If people around you don’t understand what PCOS is, you may feel alone and won’t have any zeal. Join a community where you can express yourself and be understood makes you feel seen.
  • Be enlightened- Read and learn more about PCOS.
  • Tweak your diet – Don’t start with eliminating foods or food groups. Start with including more nutrient-dense foods like whole grain foods, fruit and vegetables. Cut down on sugars and overprocessed foods and I eliminate foods that cause discomfort or that your body is intolerant to.
  • Movement – Any form of movement is exercise. Walking short distances, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, skipping, weightlifting, yoga, running etc.
  • Reduce stress – Stress can come from work, home, a relationship or even the lack of sleep. Know your stressors and reduce them.