Maybe Its The Pheromones

Most of the people nowadays know the word “pheromones” but do we really know what that word means? It’s time we get to know different facts about pheromones and their effect on our daily and sexual life as well as the things we can likely do to increase our level of pheromones.

If we look at a different animal species, there is a clear connection between pheromones and mating.

Some sea animals even release their pheromones into the water sending their message to the potential mates around them. Further on, cats can produce weird sounds which means they are in heat, baboon’s butts turn red when they’re ready to mate.

And what about us humans?

With humans it’s not always visible or even noticeable and can be pretty individualized. Most of the pheromones are not visible at all, they can’t be heard and some of us actually don’t release any amount of the pheromones. So for those who are releasing it, where do pheromones come from?

In an old research from 1986, one doctor discovered pheromones under our arms especially when the under-arm sweat is removed. Think about this, the next time you are about to apply antiperspirant before your date.

Besides releasing pheromones through our armpits, it is thought that women during ovulation are actually sending signals which they don’t even know about it. For example, women’s faces get a little bit red, and their appearance gets a bit more attractive to the opposite sex and may even send subtle changes in their scent.

Hey let’s face it, these pheromones we experience at that time, turns us in a better mood than usual. We feel like we can achieve and do anything, we feel confident and more attractive than rest of the days.
However, it’s not quite clear how pheromones actually work and which ones attracts the opposite sex which forces us to wait for more of the scientific researches.

Nevertheless, if you want to do a little experiment on your own and test the effect of your pheromones, there are a few things you can do.

Firstly, you can find and buy a perfume which contains added pheromones. Apply it and test if it works. If you don’t find anything different than usual, there are other things you can try. If you wouldn’t like to invest, then this part is just for you – don’t apply deodorant and leave your underarms natural.

As it was already mentioned, some of the pheromones comes out from our armpits. If you’re not comfortable with this and think it’s not hygienic, you can buy some all natural, scent free deodorant. While showering or bathing, don’t use any aggressive soaps or shower gels.

That’s how you leave your natural scent while keeping it hygienic. Here is a good reason to skip the party you don’t want to go to – you need at least seven to nine hours of sleep to boost your level of pheromones. There is a one more thing you can do, which can have a several good effects on your body – you can exercise regularly.

Don’t take pheromones too seriously and think about it as a magical fairy dust that is invisible to the naked eye and can attract anyone. Work on yourself and share some positive energy, it always works.