How A Taurus Keeps the Flame Going

How A Taurus Keeps the Flame Going

Elizabeth T.

Ladies, we all know how difficult it can be to keep the flame going in a relationship, but for those of us who are Tauruses, we know how to keep it hot! You just have to know how to keep the fire burning!

Taurus’ have an affinity for Venus, the goddess of love, so flaunt it and pave the way for a steamy relationship with your man!

With the heart of a mother, a passion for love, and a tender soul, a Taurus woman is the epitome of womanhood. This leads to devoted relationships and deep, meaningful love! However, Taurus women aren’t known for being mysterious, so we use our fiery personalities and tender hearts to woo our spouses and leave them wanting more!

Taurus women are kind and try their best to tend to the needs of others. This means we are very attentive in our relationships!

Oftentimes giving up our time to devote to our men shows that we truly care, and they will appreciate that! Try to make him his favorite meal, or plan a special night for the two of you to spend quality time together, and the flames of passion are sure to follow!

A Taurus woman knows what she wants, and she will fight for it! Use that drive to win over your man and leave him begging for more! Keep it playful, adventurous, and exciting! We are great at thinking on our feet.

Its that spontaneity will draw guys in and keep them on their toes like they are dancing on a hot bed of sexy coals!


Your personality is one which is grounded and well-grounded, while you enjoy the fruits of your labour of love. With the right intuitive drive and surrounding yourself with love and beauty – physical pleasures become more enjoyable. Remember – as a Taurus sun sign – you are sensual and tactile where touch and taste are some of the most important of senses.

As you have the patience to stick to your passion – this is an opportunity to reach personal satisfaction and also satisfaction of a willing partner.

Take these tips and run with them, Okay – Ladies! Explore, imagine, and freely express your desires and you will keep that flame going for years to come! This passion is in each and every one of you. Embrace it!