Love Life 100% of The Time

Hey ladies, I know it has been a while since we got together, but life…

Does this sound all too familiar?

We as ladies tend to get lost in life. The job, the responsibilities of the family, and overall just trying to keep it all together. But then this thing called love steps in and changes everything. How many of us have been taught to love the one who loves you and as good girls we learn to love him or her. How many of us have been told that 80% of what you are looking for is better than being alone. But what about this thing called love?

A woman’s heart is a deep and mysterious place, full of wonders to enjoy. What happens when you have started and planned a life with Mr. 80% is that enough or should we hold out for the 100%. Can we ever find the 100%. One thing this pandemic has taught me is that you better know 100% of who you are first before you can think about being with someone.

It has never been so real to be, or not to be, with someone you love during a quarantine. 

But here is the question: What happens when you realize that the 20% that you thought you could live without becomes the only thing you can think about. Do you count your blessings for the 80% you have and ignore the burning desire within. Are you prepared to wonder what if. How do you continue without the 20% or the 80% for that matter. 

As we continue in 2021, a year that has started with more questions than answers to the past year, the main question I have is – What am I prepared to live with?, and What am I prepared to live without?

Am I looking in the water and seeing the reflection of the dog with the bone?

Here is my thought, be 100% you in this transition time. Find a peaceful hobby that brings you joy. The answer will come. The one thing I have learnt is that whatever energy you send out into the world then it returns to you. So practice love in your life. Love yourself, your family and your friends.

Find ways to spread joy and it will return 10 fold. My life lesson is that when you think you have it bad, there is someone who has it much worse. Practice spreading joy and peace, be an ambassador for a positive life and enjoy being in love.

Yours Iania…