Just A Kisser

Become a Better Kisser

Ah… Kisses. One of our most intentional ways of saying I love you without the words. When being in a relationship, or other affairs that we may not speak of, being able to give a good kiss could be the key to full winning your partners heart. With kisses comes love, affection and trust, and you most definitely want to make sure these skills are on point.

So without further ado, we’ll be discussing how to become a better kisser and really raise the potential of your current, or future, relationships.

What Type of Kisser Are You?

Are you the type to smother your lover in drool, or are you the type to leave your partner wondering why their lips haven’t touched yours for more than a millisecond? The truth of the matter is that both of these can be acceptable, with a little bit of adjustments of course. It could be very likely that you and your partner have very different approaches to showing how much they love you through a kiss.

Maybe you just want a nibble while they want to eat your entire face. Well if that’s the case this is where it’s best to try to meet somewhere in the middle. Try to communicate to the that you don’t prefer that amount of mouth to mouth, while in return giving a little bit more.

This will make it to where you are both more than likely to be equally satisfied.

How Can You Improve?

Sometimes it’s safe to say that meeting halfway just isn’t enough. You need to get a little bit creative. Try to surprise your partner with something new. Even if it comes across as corny or cliché, it’s best to try to spice things up because you’ll never know what may stick.

Things that you can try are:

* Giving your partner longer kisses

* Moving your lips differently

* Kissing them when they least expect it

* Using romantic movies as reference

Doing these things can lead you to be more confident when showing your partner that you love them unconditionally, while also giving yourself the confidence of knowing that you can always find a new way to satisfy them. This could even drive them to get a little bit more creative as well and lead to a much brighter, happy, and satisfying relationship.

Now that you’ve read this, you might just be deemed the greatest kisser of all time by your significant other!