Girlfriend Make A Little Eye Contact Okay!

Eye contact: Your form of flirting

The art of flirting has always been fascinating. Over the last few years women have gained important roles in our society. Amidst this – there has been the humaness that remains consistent up to today. This is the body language of love and flirting.

If you are interested or in love with a guy you know, girlfirend you know that eye contact always works.

Surely you like the guy and you may want him to sense your feeling but not too too much as yet… Let us call it taking our time. Of course you still want to be subtle… and not make things too obvious. No one wants to seem desperate and you do not want to pressure him to ask you out, nor come over too strong.

If you make good eye contact and correctly as well – then girlfriend you are on your way. Some of us know this already – some of use need a reminder, and some of us are smirking right now… 🙂

Look and smile

If you like a guy and you want him to notice you, a simple glance that lasts a bit longer than “usual” will work. Some persons say more than 3 – 5 secs in eye contact is it, whether you are across the room or right next to him… Look him straight in the eyes and smile subtly.

Girl make sure that you body language is relaxed in form, you should feel comfortable in your skin. Of course be sure to note his response, especially if he reciprocates. Strong chances are that he will also smile at you, and, will be even more inclined to say something to you. Of course there are the shy guys out there as well…so it may be a little bit longer before he says something verbally. However his body language and cues you will know.

If he comes over to talk to you, Bingo!!!! The two of you can start an easy and casual conversation and get to know each other even better.

It works

Eye contact works to show someone that you like them. This is simple, direct and you do not create pressure for anyone. You still show that you are confident and that makes you even more attractive. Also this generates the initial familiarity in both parties because the eyes lead to the soul.

That guy once he returns your easy no-pressure gaze is interested. That generates more intrigue and they will really want to learn more – and thats how the mating game has been built too. Eye contact will allow you to first sense that he might like you.

At this point, let your intuition also guide you.

Step and go

Girlfriend – once you have made this eye contact with him and realize that he likes you too, just let it all flow. At first talk with the guy as you would with anyone else. No Pressure!!! That will take the tension out of the situation and you will feel comfortable interacting. The key too is to always be your authentic self… Heck who knows where it will go from there…all because you simply glanced and held eye contact for more than 5 seconds.

Our warning here is though – do not play with anyone’s heart. It never feels good when it happens to us, and we are left with tears – runny make-up and snot coming through our noses. Therefore do not do it to your new interest.