My Journey As An Entrepreneur

Article Submitted by Tara Goddard – Coach, Educator & Mentor

Recently, I did a presentation called “My journey as an entrepreneur” to the Entrepreneurial Marketing class at the University of Southampton, on the invitation of Karen Clinkard.

This was strange… good for building my confidence … But strange…

This experience felt strange for a few reasons. It was the first time that I was standing in front of students and talking about myself, and not marketing. Funnily enough, the other thing that was strange was that until my friend Karen, asked me to do the session I had never called myself an entrepreneur.

Yes, I had changed direction (only a little).

Yes, I had taken my leap of faith and of course it was obvious to me that I was opening a business, but I hadn’t called myself an entrepreneur. I considered myself a coach & mentor, but was I an entrepreneur?

Despite all the strange feelings, preparing and delivering this session was great for my confidence and helped me to start seeing myself in a different way.

Team Tara is amazing! … Practicing Gratitude

Preparing for the session was a lovely reminder of how many people I need to be grateful for. Team Tara is amazing!! When I completed Aurora, the leadership training for women in Higher Education, one of our inspiring presenters talked about the importance of her team to her success and continued growth. This concept stuck with me and over the years, I have been formally and informally creating Team Tara.

As I start this journey as an entrepreneur, through Team Tara, I have support, expertise, guidance and listening ears around me.

Members of Team Tara, have:

  • Developed my brand logo and its variations
  • Approved all my reels to date
  • Sat with me when I need to go over business offers and ideas
  • Kept me in line when I need it
  • Have developed my website
  • Listened when I am on the verge of tears
  • Sometimes calmly mention brilliant ideas to me
  • And often remind me of my strengths and achievements to date.

Thank you, Team Tara!!! I would not be as far along on my entrepreneurial journey without you.

Importance of networks

Thankfully, Team Tara also helped to illustrate one of Karen’s learning points of the day, the impact of networks for entrepreneurs. Through a look at several papers, and my presentation students were not only able to develop a theoretical understanding of networks but also see how they impacted an entrepreneur in ‘real life’.

The session was great! Students were largely attentive and engaged. They asked great questions, and I also received a recommendation for someone who helps coaches to follow on IG afterwards.

Thank you, Karen, for this opportunity, your continued support and providing me this opportunity to stretch myself, build my self-confidence and see myself as an entrepreneur.

About the Author: Tara is passionate about helping others and love when individuals she’s helped in some way achieve what they want to. She has been over the past 14 years an Educator, Mentor and Leader in Higher Education, helping students develop skills that would benefit them in ‘the real world’ and grow in confidence. She has mentored colleagues in personal and professional development and have led persons and teams through change.