It Is A Colorful Emotion

Colorful Emotions They Are

As a woman, I find it a thrill and a challenge every day to discuss my emotions. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking about how I feel, what makes my eyes glitter with light and hope, or what’s been bugging me for the last half century. As not-so-complexed as a culture, we have the most complexed emotional wave there is.

What Color Are Emotions?

There’s not a specific color to describe all emotions. However, to describe emotions in general, I would guess women’s feelings is like the rainbow with vibrant colors and hues. When understanding emotions, you don’t stick with the general theories of a woman’s happiness, or black-and-white feelings that doctors paint people just to find an answer to the unknown.

As a color, if you feel forgotten or alone, a shade of denim blue will best accompany that emotion. The color blue is calming, relaxing, but can come off as sad or lacking energy. If you’re excited, the color sunshine yellow or a vibrant hot pink will best describe those feelings. Colors with different shades can compliment a woman’s emotion and gauge the conversation better.

What if I Don’t See Color?

That is fine if you don’t associate colors with emotions. People experience a wide variety of feelings every day in their lives. It is almost impossible to not have an emotion or a sense of emotional attachment to something.

When analyzing our major feelings, the most common one we experience is fear. Fear is by far the most powerful feeling we have in our social and genetic wellbeing. Men and women present their “best self” in any given situation. If it is their dream job, going out to go shopping, or taking the time to recollect your mind before tackling a huge project, we use the best version of ourselves. However, if we are not careful, the worst version of ourselves can come forth and cause much confusion or discord.

We’re not built to be perfect, but sometimes we do let our fear get in the way of a good thing, or positive situation. To counteract fear is the present each situation and yourself with love and patience. Love overcomes many obstacles, and having the patience to change is also a wonderful trait to have.

What Are the Top Emotions to Have?

Women are caring and nurturing angels (with a hint of crazy I must add and wear proudly) that have a lot of emotions. Some of us wear our hearts on our sleeves because we can become more trusting and inclined compared to others. For women, we have main feelings we use daily to express ourselves or the situations we’re in. Many times it can go misinterpreted while other times it is exactly what you see.

For example, when we’re angry we do lower our eyebrows, tighten our lips and eyes around the person, people, or object we’re upset towards, and flare our noses just a bit. This sort of anger can come off as a woman being crazy because it is something that nobody like to see, or immediately jump to conclusion.

In fact, when a woman is upset or angry, we display specific body and facial languages to let those around us know that we are not happy and possibly need time to calm down before we talk about the issue.

Another feeling that we use every day is happiness or joy. On a woman, we show off our best smile (maybe showing a little teeth here and there), a flush of warmth filling our higher cheek region, and our laugh is astounding. Women love being happy and expressing joy! Honestly, everybody loves being happy and displaying a joyful mood because happiness invite other welcoming emotions and individuals that love positive energy.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel contempt and to display that emotion through body language? it is okay if several people are puzzled by this look. Being contempt can have a neutral facial expression, relaxed eyes, a decreased lower lip corner, and a relaxed tone. Some people also say that this expression can come off as a nonchalant reaction. Though people try to paint the emotion, it is best to let the owner of the feelings describe how they feel, no matter what you think or believe what you know.


Feelings and emotions is an amazing topic to take the time and analyze and talk about, male or female. Women’s emotions can come off as complexed, however, the more we breakdown and dig deeper behind the heart of the matter, the feelings will be better understood. Males are always encouraged to speak their mind and elaborate on their emotions. It is wonderful to hear how a man feels, because then women can become the comforter he needs to embrace whatever feelings he is experiencing.

Emotions can be such a colorful thing, and a beautiful topic to dive deep in and make sense of it all. What color is your emotion right now?