Inside A Woman’s Handbag…

The Relationship Between The Inside of a Woman’s Bag & Her Lifestyle

It is said that… if you look into a woman’s handbag – you see into her life.”

That statement tends to contravene the other saying that, you can never judge a book by its cover… This is so true, as the kind of bag which we choose and the associated contents, can reveal a bit about our personality and our personality type. Lets think about it ladies…

We all have a preference of color, and brand type as well as the style and size of our handbags. This is just a reflection of who we are, in our tastes and traits. What about those of us who are addicted to bags?

Maybe the contents of the bag changes everyday?!

The Wanderer.

If you tend to find that your bag never misses your passport, perfume, a small pharmacy or book, this is because in your psych you’re always ready for when the next adventure is. People tend to start interpreting your character as unstable, un-committed, which probably is not the case. Most people here are just too independent and ted to do what they want or believe in.

The Creative.

Some will call you a mess mostly the men, but if your bag contains the following items then your artistic. Such people have things like receipts, color pencils, a camera it is your passion to scribe down your thoughts; this is not just being messy but having a way to refer to your thoughts later.


The Connected.

Your bag never lacks a watch, smart phone, ear pieces, tablets, charger or even a USB. This is simply that you’re always above the news, people always find you as a good source of information. If people find you not informed about what is going on, it tends to worry them that probably you’re sick. Because you tend to find yourself talking about something before you thinking it through, this always lands you in trouble.

The Organized.

You never carry more than what is needed. Your bag is characterized with a phone, wallet, ear pieces, and protection when necessary. Your choice is always on the small or medium side, and nothing goes in if not needed. Most are considered to be “minimalists”, because of their precise nature, they are considered to be cold because of their approach especially when giving advice. But in actual sense are realists and hate living in fantasy.

How you hold your bag and what you keep in it will have a mental check on people around. What’s in your bag?