Footwear And Your Posture

The right footwear for correct posture

A busy lifestyle can lead to back, hip and knee pain. Also, a sedentary lifestyle can cause a bad body POSTURE that later manifests itself as pain in the neck and shoulders. What few people realize is that the shoes we wear may influence negatively our POSTURE. Fortunately, there are comfortable shoes that help us carry out all our daily activities. To maintain a healthy POSTURE we must choose certain types of shoes that benefit our walk.

Prioritizing good functionality before aesthetics

Many women make the mistake of choosing shoes for their aesthetic appearance, leaving aside the functionality they might have. Choose shoes that have a good fit and good tread, to maintain proper POSTURE . Use insoles if you need them, the important thing is that you feel comfortable. Your shoes should protect you from external factors, so they should not be too open. This will prevent you from suffering wounds and blisters.

Lightweight, firm-soled shoes

Keep in mind that the footwear you choose should be lightweight and have a firm tread so that you can move smoothly throughout the day. A heavy shoe means that you have to make an effort when you move and that hurts your back and therefore your POSTURE. The heel of your shoe should not exceed 5 cm in height, because if it exceeds that height your feet will be hurt and you will feel bad. Choose high-heeled shoes only for very special occasions, since they are too harmful for your body.

Heels that are too high and too thin cause the body weight to be directed towards the toes, generating unbearable pain. The back arches and the shoulders go forward, which significantly damages your posture. For your daily life, choose shoes that respect your POSTURE. Correct shoes benefit your bones and muscles.

Footwear that is too flat

During spring and summer many women choose flat shoes because they are incredibly comfortable. The problem is that they have a too thin sole, so the foot impacts directly on the ground. This impacts directly on the back causing pain and discomfort. Therefore, it is advisable to wear shoes that are low, but not completely flat. Remember to choose shoes that fit perfectly to your size. They should not be too tight or too loose. The structure of your shoes should be soft and flexible at the same time.

Rigid shoes are detrimental to your daily walk, which has a negative influence on your POSTURE.