Income Generating Ideas During and After Covid-19

Article by: Iania

As young active women, I’m sure lots of you have been pulling your hair out during this quarantine trying to figure out what to do to earn some extra money. Some of us have been fortunate to stay at home and continue our “regular” jobs however many of us found ourselves without an income to support ourselves and our families.

So, what’s next – Do we sit here and throw in the towel, or do we get up and get moving?

Here are ten ideas to get you moving in this uncertain time while being safe and practicing the social and physical distancing rules instituted by your community, state or country. 

  • If you are wondering what to do with your college educated self with no job offer in the near future, why not reach out to the nearby elementary school, community college or social club and offer some extra classes for students who are homeschooling. Maybe you are great with technology and can help set up an online tutorial on subjects you are good at. 
  • Try some at home recipes and post them in online forums for feedback. You may have the beginnings of a cook book on your hands.
  • Try pet care or dog walking in and around your neighborhood, this is a service that many elderly people who are high risk may appreciate since they can’t go out and about freely during the pandemic. This may give you some pocket change and boosts your exercise regime while you are at it. 
  • Sign up to be a call center agent. Loads of companies are transitioning to virtual business and have to increase their customer service departments. 


  • Online garage sale. Ok most of us have organized and reorganized during the quarantine so why not get rid of some of these excess items now. Set up an online sale with curbside pick-up on items or delivery.
  • Sign up to be an online editor or proof reader for university students.
  • Have a passion for visuals, why not offer graphic design services and visual effects to clients.
  • Virtual Accountant or Book-keeper, if you are good with numbers, this service can be offered to household, small businesses and networks.
  • Become and online assistant, going along the same lines as the Book-keeper there are countless administrative jobs that top executives and small business owners need organized. Take some time a research this area you may be sitting on a goal mind.
  • If you are really adventurous, sign up for research studies as a respondent or interviewee.

Here is hoping that you have found something that can get you moving and earn you some additional cash during these uncertain times.

Continue to be safe always… Iania