I’m A Stay-At-Home Mom

Hello Women’s Mag…

I’m a stay-at-home mom, and I was looking for ways to make an extra dollar while taking care of my 3 kids. Things are a bit tough with our budgets and all, but I’ve been hearing/researching how to start and grow my own business online.

Any little bit of information which you share is fine…and if others make suggestions to you that you can share I’d be happy to learn as well. Just remember I’m not an expert…so keep it simple that at least I can get started.

thanks so much

Kinderjoy… (AZ)

Hello Kinderjoy

Considering the fact that most of everyone goes on the Internet for all the information and the purchase needs, it is indeed easy to note that the Internet is a major place of business.

Regardless of whether you want to sell a product, provide tutoring, advertise your business nothing can exceed the reach of the Internet platform itself. There are proven methods that help you grow your Stay At Home online business, and the key factor is staying committed and focused.

Although it is not necessary to work with each free minute of each day, a small but continuous daily effort will make it progress steadily and collect rewards. Just follow the action plan… Heck you still have a family to nurture and take care of as well.

About You – One very effective thing to do is blog posting where people can learn much more about you, your interest and experience. Maybe the challenges and the surprises as well as the good bits and the sad stuff too. In this niche, by posting regularly, making sure it’s every day in the beginning and say about four times a week. It is a platform to share your interest and passion in your niche with others by posting content in the form of help, advice, and information and collecting comments. There are several persons reading this and probably thinking the same thing…

Persons want to connect and you can maybe offer pow-wow sessions too for stay-at-home moms just like yourself. 

It is also necessary to focus on the construction of a marketing email list. This is where some of the work will come in. You can collect names and email addresses of persons you come into contact online on each occasion. Maybe presenting them with an attractive offer to be part of your weekly pow-wow sessions for stay-at-home moms.

The value of the Internet home business is based on the relationship you have created with the email list. You must cultivate it so that when you offer a product or service/group session, and a large part will likely find value in it.

Continue creating the content you want to combine as a salable product, but also if another marketer has a product that fits well, why not offer it and win with the sales of the partners?

Do not forget that you must find a balance between offering content and useful and free products for which you have to pay. If there is too much free information, the email list can be conditioned by selecting only this. When you offer a paid product, it MUST be relevant to your audience!

What information should your product contain? Just request from your list and find what the market niche is looking for and then provide it.

Another method to ensure the continued growth of stay at home online business is to maintain communication and offer the greatest possible assistance.

It is worthwhile to offer useful content of high quality that will keep your interest. And when a product is offered for purchase, not everyone buys because they may not be ready or may be at a more advanced level. You know that they will be launched and will buy at some point, so you can inform them. Bring along everyone on your story journey… It’ll be worth it…

Trust me… I know…

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