On A Tight Budget – Avoid Shopping With Friends

Jami Christine

We all deal with the strain of finances from time to time, regardless of our income. In a world where material possessions can feel like they are being used to define who we are and what we represent, it’s often important to remember the importance of a budget. Your budget…

Though we know that new purse or pair of shoes does not define us, it still feels somewhat impossible to resist the swipe of a card. Even if you may not have the money to back up that charge, sometimes the ease and magic gets the better of us. How can you make it easier to stick to keeping your account in the red, and your financial goals in check? One rock solid way is to avoid going shopping with your friends. 🙁

Why can shopping with friends break the bank (or at least the budget)?


This mentality is a tricky one to admit, because we want to be better than the age old, “If you’re friends were jumping off a bridge,” argument. But when on a budget, shopping with friends can be a killer because you will want to join in on the fun of a new purchase. We have all been guilty of this at some point.


Again, it is hard to admit, but, giving into peer pressure isn’t just for teens. It’s easy, while looking over that nice – perfect pair of boots, to be talked into buying them by your well-meaning besties. Remember, they are not as aware of your finances as you are, and they of course want to see you happy. Talking you into getting a gorgeous pair of shoes, or pants, or blouse, or handbag, which you know that you do not need, is something they feel is necessary as a good friend. Yep and something that_is _very_ hard to resist.


When spending a day out on the town, more likely than not – Happy Hour is going to be part of the game. Now, you are spending money on food, drinks, and your decision making skills are ever so slightly blurred.

What does that mean? Well, when the next stop is sephora, you are going to drop a few hundred dollars that you never intended to, sister.

Though shopping with friends on a budget is something you should avoid, don’t let your financial focus get in the way of girl time. Instead of agreeing to a day breezing in and out of stores, suggest an alternative option to your pals. Ask if they’d rather come over to try a video yoga class, or go for a walk in a local park.

In fact, be completely honest and tell them that you’d love to spend time together but are watching your budget, and you’ll probably spark a great discussion that can end in both quality time and budget friendly gatherings.

Try it and let us hear your story…