Do You Have A Precisionist Personality?

The Precisionist Style Personality

The Precisionist style personality, sometimes referred to as the Perfectionist type, craves harmony and structure in their environment. They have the patience and determination to see things through, and don’t mind working on their own to help a project reach its fullest potential. The Precisionist functions best within well-defined expectations and prefers to rely on standard methods. 

As with most things in their life, the Precisionist will approach relationships in a methodical and precise manner, whether that relationship is romantic or not. This can be blessing because their need for perfection will ensure they do everything they can to maintain a successful partnership.

Their strengths include loyalty, dependability, patience, and logical thinking.

The more organized and peaceful the environment, the more they will thrive. That being said, for a partner who enjoys flexibility or last minute vacations, the Precisionist style can feel constricting.

The Precisionist struggles to adapt and may withdraw completely if they don’t understand the expectations being put on them or if they feel like things are out of control. Illogical arguments based on emotion will likely confuse and distress them.

They will avoid conflict at all cost, and may give up, if they feel they can’t do something well.

If you are concerned about being smothered by your Precisionist partner, but want to find a way to salvage the partnership, consider communicating your concerns to them. The Precisionist is a caring person and they want peace in their relationships.

If you are able to express your needs in a clear way that’s in harmony with the Precisionist’s values, they will likely be willing to collaborate on a solution with you.

The Precisionist desires appreciation for their efforts and will crumble under criticism. Be sure to take note of their efforts and give them genuine praise. If there is an issue that needs adjustment, avoid being overly critical. Clearly define your expectations and give them plenty of time to make adjustments.

The Precisionist wants to please others and will be happy to accommodate your ideas if they are presented in a rational manner. Once they take on a project, they will work hard to make it a success and reach the standards expected of them. 

Stability is important to the Precisionist, but if you are willing to accommodate them in their need for organization, they will probably be willing to accommodate and include your needs in the structure of their lives.