About Those Hot Flashes

Hot Flashes: How to deal with them

The HOT FLASHES refers to the sudden, intense heat a woman feels during the menopause stage. This stage indicates the definitive end of menstruation, followed by another stage, that of the climate. In this way, the woman begins the transition from the end of her fertile period to old age. Unfortunately these stages have a negative connotation in a woman’s life.

That’s why when a woman starts to suffer HOT FLASHES she feels bad in several ways: shame, sadness, discomfort. The reality is that women don’t know how to deal with the Hot Flashes just because of the negative connotation society gives to menopause.

The real problem

During menopause, women feel HOTFLASHES at any time of the day or at night while they sleep. This situation makes them uncomfortable and puts them in a bad mood. They feel out of place because menopause is socially ill-seen. The real problem is that women accept that “guilt” and think there’s something wrong with them. Menopause is just a stage in a woman’s life, nothing more than that.

Life goes on and they can keep working, plan projects, travel, go out and have fun, etc. In short, women remain themselves even if they are going through menopause and suffering Hot Flashes.

Breaking down prejudice

The best way to deal with HOT FLASHES is to accept them simply as a symptom of menopause. Women should ignore the negative connotation of this female stage. Every time women feel warm, they should laugh at themselves, eliminating the drama these symptoms have. It is advisable to discuss this with our friends, who are living our same situation. In addition, talking about the issue helps break down taboos and accept changes naturally. Once we accept these changes, we will reconcile with ourselves.

Changes that benefit you

HOT FLASHES aré not symptoms of any disease, they are simply symptoms of menopause. If the Hot Flashes bother you, you can make changes in your lifestyle. These will alleviate that menopausal symptom.

IDEAL WEIGHT: first you must have a healthy weight. To do this you must eat properly and exercise regularly. The most recommended physical activity for you is yoga, which keeps you fit and will relax your mind.

AVOID HARMFUL HABITS: if you want to relieve the heat you should avoid drinking alcohol, drinking a lot of coffee, smoking and eating spicy foods.

These habits not only relieve Hot Flashes, but improve your quality of life, so you can feel full.