3 Tips – How To Manage Your Cellulite

Cellulite – Here’s how can we start to manage this…

Cellulite is a problem that bothers women mostly after adolescence. But what is cellulite anyway? They are pockets of fat accumulated under the skin that give rise to holes in the hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen, giving them the so-called “orange peel” aspect.

Cellulite appears due to the degeneration of fatty tissue caused by a deficiency of circulation. Now take note of the 3 tips below on how to manage to cellulite:


Avoid fatty foods such as pizza, as well as fatty sauces, cheeses, and bread, along with stuffed cookies, whipped cream, shortbread, and ice cream.

Also, you should avoid eating heavy foods at night, because at this point the biological rhythm goes down, you spend fewer calories and therefore, the excesses end up being deposited in the body.

Also avoid canned foods, as most of them have many preservatives. And, of course, prepare your food without oil.


Fruit consumption also helps a lot to prevent cellulite, especially apples, pineapples, and red fruits. When we eat an apple, a kind of “gel” is formed that delays the absorption of glucose and, consequently, stops the absorption of fats.

Pineapple is rich in bromelain, a component that acts as an anti-inflammatory. Red fruits, rich in vitamin C and A, are antioxidants, strengthen blood vessels, and decrease insulin production.


Drinking two liters of water a day prevents fluid retention in localized fat. Drinking lots of water, stimulate the proper functioning of the kidneys and the lymphatic system, helping it to eliminate toxins and accumulated fluids.

The consumption of coconut water eliminates the toxins that cause cellulite and helps to balance the body because it has many health benefits.

Green tea is also great for fighting cellulite because of its antioxidant and diuretic action. The ideal is to drink three glasses a day so that, cellulite will disappear gradually in your body.

IN CONCLUSION – Fat cells are responsible for accumulating fat. When talking about cellulite, we talk about an alteration of these cells.

Today, most women have cellulite to some degree. Although it is not possible to eliminate it for life or prevent it from reappearing, you can combat it and prevent its reappearance.

The key to being able to face cellulite is to act with a compatible treatment, which combines a healthy diet, physical exercise, eating lots of fruits, draining massages, complemented with a good anti-cellulite cosmetic.