If You Are Approaching Age 30…


IF YOU ARE APPROACHING AGE 30… and no one has told you as yet, here are at least three things to expect…

Women are unique creatures who are always trying as much as possible to stay younger as they age. On the contrary, aging is not an option and the earlier we accept that, the better.

So what’s the worry all about?

Here, we list down some three things that generally start to happen to our bodies at age 30.

1. A change in metabolism.

Unlike in the youthful 20’s days, at age 30, our metabolism tends to start slowing down and we put on some weight, if we are not very careful. And since at this age many of us, women are busy with the career and for some bringing up children, you know that there is hardly time to exercise and shed some fat or baby fat in other cases.

But here is the trick: Do not just allow the excess weight make you look older than you already are. Exercise and do have the right diet and no one will believe you are 30! Trust me…

2. Hormonal changes.

At age 30, your menstrual cycle may change. The periods may be heavier, lighter, more painful, shorter or longer depending on our own body. Women may also experience mood swings resulting from peri-menopause. The fertility rate also tends to start the decline at this age. However one thing at this age, is also, where women have more sex drive and enjoy it better. *wink wink*

3. Ageing signs become visible.

Your tight youthful skin gradually begins to get some wrinkles and the perky breast starts sagging. Also, you may notice some grey hairs on your head and even the pubic area, Huh! Yep… I didn’t see this coming either.

With all that said, we must appreciate the changes as they come by embracing the good ones and learning how to counter the not so good ones. In the meantime, if you are yet to get there-I mean to thirties, be sure and enjoy your youthfulness to the fullest.

For those that are there already, it’s never that serious. Have fun, make merry and stretch beyond your limits.

Before you know it, you will be forty remember?

Luv Dottie…