2 Things Happened After I Stopped Eating Out

I stopped eating out and two things started to happen.

At first it seemed quite strange that what had become a part of my lifestyle of the moment was now a bit difficult to break. However, it was done as some persons would say – cold turkey. When I took a look at it – habits ease into our lifestyle and therefore to break or change them sometimes becomes a bit of a challenge. This habit of eating out was so much part of my social life.

Are you celebrating something major? Eat Out!

Are you feeling down and drained? Maybe it’s time to Eat Out!

Waiting on someone or something? Or going from some meeting or other? Eat Out!

Doing absolutely nothing? Eat Out!

Maybe as your read this or browse your social media status – you too may be eating out! This was me. However with the advent of Covid and the series of lockdowns and restrictions and excess protocols, this changed. In fact – it became even more frightening to want to go anywhere. Maybe its just me!!! but, I Think Not! Initially it was the fear of not wanting to go any where, but now, that has turned into more of the lack of desire to be a socialite as per previous iteration.

Now during this time the desire to eat out waned, and this so happened without my realising. As such, the children along with myself all ate at home more so. We did our little bit of shopping in the market or grocer, and we were also deliberate in our food selections as well. In fact, they even got involved in the whole shopping experience as well – in a good way – might I add. Sure – there was the odd chocolate, toffee treat or scone but nothing like previous either.

As we transitioned into a new year, you start to consider the your past behaviours as well as what is the plan for the rest of the year. Even if its just a thought process and part of that feel-good factor that we get, when we start a new year. It was then – that I realised that – Hey!!! I’ve benefitted from not eating out, and, I found that there are at least two benefits as well.

Sure they are a few more – but, I was so excited to share this with you and maybe you might consider your benefit as well, and strong enough to let me know what your journey has been.

Becoming Healthier

So often you hear the ads and the updates on why you should eat healthier and so on blaa blaa blaa… how exciting sometimes when you are just not motivated. Maybe those doing adverts can also consider using my article on why you should reduce your fastfood and such like. Anyways, I had my blood pressure checked recently along with my blood sugars and so on, at some little pop-up fair, so, it was more like a decision to support the community effort.

They took my blood sugar reading and some other measurements and to my delight, they were good. Then the nurse assistant asked me what was it that I was doing to keep my numbers “normal”? It was then that it crystalised that – you know what? I haven’t eaten fast food in such a long time. In addition, I told her, that I can’t even remember when was the last time that I ate out…

You know – the appetizer, the main course, the dessert, of course a little “beverage” as well to top it all off.

The attendant told me well you numbers are fine, in fact it was then, that I realised that my body mass index was heading in the right direction. Ladies if you know – you know… Sometimes we get so caught up having to take care of family life and living our dream, such that our diet goes out of the door. Here it was, that I was on a diet plan and not even realised it. The impact though was so gradual that the clothes fitted a bit better, the body felt a little better, the heart rate was on point.

When I took further note – I realised that I wasn’t as short of breath when doing a little exertion, and that my overall body position felt really good. Do you hear me!

Saved Some Money

This is one thing which I am sure that some others can agree with me on. I sure did get to save some money. Sometimes out of habit – eating out become so much of a routine that, you simply placed whatever the charges were on your credit/debit card. Along with this, remember that eating out was part of the therapy of maybe getting over some depressing situation or to of course live life a little! Come on have some fun will yah!

Naturally its always a plus to save some money, and you do know that life happens and we need to muster as much cash and savings as possible just in case. Endorphines happen and the rush of eating out – is like Pavlov’s Law. Think about it – going shopping for a few things, eat out must be in there some where, and the pain of having to shell out a few dollars are all covered in that nice rich chocolate dessert cake that just must be eaten.

However since the advent of all of the lock-downs and the hours of being at home and working remotely, it also meant that the amount of eating out was reduced.

I’m not saying that I didn’t order the occasional pizza, nor home delivery services, but that just isn’t the same, if you know what I mean.

The amount of money saved though ended up being a significant amount. Here is how I knew that I was saving money. It occurred when I looked at my bank statement and wondered what was so different to previous months that the amount left at the end of the month was higher.

Then I took a serious look at the statements over the past year. I then saw the trend – that each month the amount of money and the amount of times which I spent at the coffee shop. Oh the coffee shop – one of my favourite spots… and the quick stop at 24/7 and the restaurants. They were not as many stops at these eat out spots in recent times. I saved some money, and I started placing some of that money into mutual funds. Heck! I heard that if you don’t find something to do with your money – then it kinda walks out on you, and you don’t know where it goes.

Hey, maybe I’ll look a little closer and see what else I have benefitted by not eating out.