Turning 40? – Simple Bits of Advice

Women’s bodies are subject to transition from time to time, especially in their 40s. Most of these changes are beyond their control. However, if they’re clever about their health, their 40s can rock. 

If you cared about your health in your 20s and 30s, turning 40 isn’t perilous. However, if you erred, there is still a prospect of getting on the right health track to avoid problems later. 

Some of the changes women experience in their 40s include a decrease in estrogen and slow metabolism. Nonetheless, circumventing these health problems can aid in making your 40s rock. 

Be Mindful About Birth Control

No doubt that fertility wanes with age, however, if you’re sexually active and you’re against getting pregnant, opt for birth control methods. According to gynecologist Maureen Whelihan, most women in their 40s think that they can’t get pregnant because they are too old and end up disregarding birth control methods, which is a great mistake. Unplanned pregnancies are not only a concern for teenagers but also women over 40s. 

Neglecting birth control simply because you’re in your 40s, is more likely to expose you to unintended pregnancy. 

To avoid this, contact your doctor about the best birth control options available for you. This advice is necessary since there are no contraceptives based on age alone. Oral contraceptives are ideal for health women over 40 years as the lessen the risk of contracting ovarian and uterine cancer, reduce the volume of blood lost during the menstrual cycle, manage PMS, and many more. 

Keep in Mind About Bone Density and Muscle Mass

Women’s body composition is subject to changes due to the ever-changing hormones. If you feel your belly fat is unmanageable at your 40s, you can still work on it. However, refrain from fad diets. They normally don’t render vital nutrients that aid in preserving bone density as well as muscle mass. It’s worth noting that a lack of certain nutrients can result in osteoporosis later in life. 

Exercise also plays a crucial role when it comes to staying fit as you get older. Weight-bearing exercises, coupled with muscle strengthening exercises 2-3 days a week, can help you stay fit even if you’re over 40s. Also, incorporate balance and posture exercises in your daily routine. However, consult your doctor before starting any workout.

Arrange for Breast Screening

Though there is controversy about the ideal age for breast screening, this exercise is important to women, especially in their 40s. According to the American Cancer Society, women should start breast screening in their early 40s. However, federal guidelines recommend this exercise to start at the age of 50. As a result, most women forgo this exercise in their forties. Breast screening is important as it helps to detect at an early stage, making it treatable.