The Challenge of Handling Alopecia

Alopecia: choose the most convenient option for you

ALOPECIA is the progressive loss of hair and is a disorder that generally affects men. However, more than 30% of those with ALOPECIA are women and the figures are increasing. The reality is that alopecia affects women more negatively, especially those who may also have some self esteem challenges.

They are sadly shocked to see themselves in the mirror and notice that they have less hair. The primary reasons for hair loss are genetic and hormonal. Women lose estrogen as they get closer and closer to reaching menopause. This causes hair loss, but if this phenomenon is treated in time it can be solved.

Here are two useful tips to overcome alopecia.

1-Hormonal treatment

If you suffer from ALOPECIA because you are going through menopause, the best option for you is a hormone therapy indicated by a physician.

This therapy replaces the hormones lost by menopause and hair is restored. This treatment is intense and the first two years are the most important. The positive effects begin to be noticed six months after starting the therapy. After the first two years, the treatment is less intense but must be maintained in the long term. Thanks to hormone therapy the hair increases in thickness and density of the hair fiber.

It should be noted that this treatment cannot be discontinued because the good results obtained will be lost.

2-Non-hormonal treatments

If you do not want to treat ALOPECIA with hormonal therapies you have other options. One option is to take drugs prescribed by the doctor. The most serious medication for female alopecia is minoxidil, which is applied to the scalp. This drug stops hair loss, but it must be used permanently.

If this drug does not work, you can try ketoconazole, cimetidine or spironolactone, among others.

If you want a more natural treatment to combat ALOPECIA you can resort to mesotherapy. The mesotherapist massages your scalp and this stimulates hair growth. This therapy can be complemented with shampoos and conditioners that combat hair loss.

An extreme method to solve female ALOPECIA is hair transplantation.

This procedure consists of relocating the hair from an area that is not affected by alopecia to an area that is affected by this disorder. If you choose this method it is advisable that you meet other women who have undergone a hair transplant to see the results.

If you suffer from ALOPECIA, the first thing to do is to regain your composure. There are different treatments that can solve this problem.

The key is to find the method that you trust the most.