Its Your Hat

It’s Your Hat

Contributing Author: V Boon

Choosing a hat is going to be different in every woman’s wardrobe. They are of course down to taste, and personal style and even for some as a signature talking point as well. Over all, it is good that if you have a hat collection in your artillery that you know how to combine or use them with your accessories.

The most important thing when wearing a hat is that you just have to be comfortable and confident with the hat you are wearing. The rest in itself is a matter of complementing your attire.

A hat is a key piece when it comes to protecting the face against the sun’s rays and also to protect against the intense cold, and this of course depends on what season we are in and what type of hat we are looking to wear. The is for a woman who can take different forms. Oh they surely can, especially if we are off to an event…from the little feather bit to the extensively broad rimmed architectural piece. Take into account as well what type of event we are attending whether it is garden, church function, funeral, wedding or just a trip to a red carpet event.

The general rule is to choose the type of hat according to the height of the sun at the time of the event that is attended. What coincides in all cases is that they are made for events primarily in the daytime. The days later can be reserved for noon, the time when the sun is at its maximum height. In the afternoon, the styles are the smaller ones or even a flower, and as we go into the evening time when the moon rises, we go to the cocktail or formal head dress, which gives a fair touch of elegance and glamour.

The hats should highlight the strengths and try to disguise details that do not favor.

Therefore, a woman with a round face could have a tall top hat to give an optical effect of  elongation. However, an elongated face should combine one with a low cup and wide wings to compensate, and even out the cheeks.

Materials: In winter wool and velvet are advisable, for summer, the coolest in the raffia and the field, which are natural fibers that bring freshness to the outfit as well.

Combination: we must always choose to identify the focus of attention in a garment or accessory for a matter of balance and harmony. Let’s call it an accent!

Hair: in case of using a hat, some persons advise that hair be completely be out of the way while others suggest that hair can be styled to compliment the head-piece. Just make sure to secure the hat, as it can be a bit of embarrassment if the wind decides to become a bit mischievous.

Colors: The most successful thing is that the hat breaks with the rest of the set. Usually with monochromatic suit or suit of two pieces, different color models are used for clothing.

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