Bread Crumbing and How to Deal With It

Bread-crumbing has become a new tactic that many people seem to employ just to get out of commitment. It is a variation of ghosting, but with much larger damage to the other person involved. One of the best ways to define bread-crumbing would be a process of sending out irregular suggestive texts or messages to keep the other person involved either physically or emotionally but without any plans of committing.

Most often this is done where the person doing the bread-crumbing is looking to gain something either sexually or just simply to boost their ego. Whatever is the case, if you find out that there is bread-crumbing the safest option would be to get out of it as soon as possible.

With that being said, there is no denying that this has become a definite relationship hurdle that many unfortunate couples seem to find themselves in. 

There are some of the ways to deal with breadcrumbing in your relationship:    

– Get out.     The safest bet is to get out early before you are too emotionally or physically invested in the person. Do not let yourself fall victim to the heartless act of breadcrumbing. If he/she is breadcrumbing and knows it, they do not deserve you. It’s fine if they aren’t willing to commit but you need not waste your life trying to change their views.    

– Admit it to yourself.    Very often breadcrumbing goes on simply because the victim is not willing to accept that they are being breadcrumbed. The sooner you accept that it is happening, the easier it will be to fix it and the less taxing it is going to be.    

– Call them out.     Whether you plan on making this work or not, always remember to call them out. Sometimes people breadcrumb without meaning to. Yes, it is still inexcusable but calling them out in such cases can save the relationship. If you plan on leaving them, calling them out with still help since it can help their next.    

The signs of breadcrumbing are almost always obvious. By saying that you haven’t realized it, you are just playing yourself. If you know better, you do better.

Now that you know better, please do better.