An Open Letter…

To All Of The Front Line Workers – Near & Far !!!

Dear Front Line Workers, 

There aren’t enough ways for us to say thank you right now for all that you’re doing for us. For the sacrifices you’re making, the emotional and physical hurt you’re enduring on our behalf. In fact, those two words, thank you, seem so small in comparison to the monumental task we’ve asked of you. The task of fighting this virus, of loving our loved ones in ICU when we can’t, of isolating yourselves from your families.

You do all of this without complaint. You do all of this with pride. Determination.

Strength and dignity. 

We say thank you and know it doesn’t even begin to cover the gratitude we feel. How can we say thank you when we know it isn’t big enough to cover the love we feel for you right now? When it won’t soothe the bruises on your faces from the masks you’re forced to wear for too long. How can we just say thank you when it won’t wipe the tears away that you shed when you walk a patient out the door, knowing they’ve recovered because of your care, your love, your passion?

Thank you – won’t comfort you when you’ve been asked to hold the hand of a patient who you know won’t make it through this. But you sit by their side, holding that hand, loving them as if they were your own family, your own blood. You’re doing this for strangers, these people who you barely know but show love to through your acts of mercy.

How can thank you be enough when you’re bringing comfort to our loved ones in their last moments?

How can it cover what we feel for you in these uncertain times, when we’re staying home and running scared? Not you. You stood, proud and brave, ready to face this virus. You volunteered, knowing you may not have all the tools you need to stay safe yourself.

We stay home. We social distance. You go in. You get close. You do this for us. 

Dear Front Line Workers,

We know it isn’t enough, but right now it’s all we have. Thank you. Thank you for being heroes simply by doing what you were called to do. Thank you for putting your health and safety on the line. For loving our families and friends through this crisis. Thank you for holding hands, for your tears, for your compassion, and your excellence. 

We See You. We Love You. We Thank You.