3 Creative Ways To Keep Our Children Engaged

Creatively Entertaining Our Children During Quarantine

COVID-19 is here to stay with us for a while. Today, more than half of the world’s population is in quarantine. That means being locked inside our homes all day. When we mothers, learn that we should be dealing with our children 7 – Days a Week, 24 – Hours a Day, We really could get into panic mode…

If we worked outside the house (or inside, in case you are self- employed), the change was very extreme: We had our lives organized, we worked, and our children went to school. From one day to the next, we are now at home all day – everyday – and our children are too. This can get quite nerve racking for some of us who may already be under significant pressure.

Now for many of us – we have more activities than ever: In some cases, We are Housewives… Mothers… Teachers… and we must entertain our children with creative ideas so they don’t get bored. Moms have a natural ability to deal with anything. Here are some creative activities to keep our children entertained during this quarantine.

We do not negate the contributions of our spouses as well to the arrangement. However, we take the time to help you think of ways if you are stuck – of how to ease through this time, by sharing three possible creative ways…

Cooking together

Keeping our kids entertained during quarantine is a big challenge, but there’s a secret to knowing that will help you a lot: they love to be taken seriously to do an important activity. Therefore, a good creative idea is to invite them to cook with us, but not in any way. They must understand that they are preparing the food they are going to eat now, so their help is very important and everything must go well.

You will see that they will pay full attention to you and follow the directions you give them. In fact – they will be among the first to finish their meals and likely want more or to try again.

Protagonists of a tale

All children love to have stories read to them. To make this activity more creative you can add this idea so that they participate more: they should choose the character of the story that they like best and change the story’s plot, according to your children’s criteria. In this way, you stimulate their imagination and they will feel that they can also create interesting stories.

Virtual visits to museums for children

Museums have a reputation for being boring and if you invite your children to visit one they may say no.

Many do not know that there are museums exclusively for children, which are very fun, since they are designed for them, according to their interests. Now that they have a lot of free time, a creative idea is to invite them to take a virtual visit to several children’s museums. Now they will know that these are fascinating and will want to visit one, when the quarantine is over.

As you can see, entertaining children during quarantine is possible, you just have to intensify the patience and love you always had for them.

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