3 Benefits of The Yoni Egg Practice

3 Benefits of the Yoni Egg Practice

Yoni eggs are non-porous polished hygienic rocks used primarily for holistic purposes. Even though they may be identified or called eggs, they are not actual eggs, but they have a symbolic meaning to them given their egg-shape.

Yoni really means ‘womb’ in the Sanskrit dialect.

These eggs have numerous medical and physical benefits when used, and they come in different sizes and are made up of a variety of stones or crystals.

Generally the eggs are available in three main sizes and the main use of these is for vaginal strengthening.

There are several benefits of using Yoni Eggs:
1. Trains pelvic floor muscles:

These stones are very useful in training the pelvic floor muscles. It helps tighten and train the vaginal muscles. This makes for better orgasmic feelings, as well as has been found to help increase intensity for both partners during intercourse.It is especially useful after childbirth when the pelvic floor muscles need to recover. This has been found as one therapeutic way to assist with the tightening of the muscles. It should ideally only be used when there is a case of relaxed/loose pelvic muscles.

The yoni-egg’s main purpose is in the tightening of the muscles. We however must not go on to the other extreme, as further tightening beyond what is ideal would lead to painful intercourse and other discomfort.


2. Reducing PMS, menstrual cramps:

Because of the way these eggs are used, they serve the purpose of improving gynecologic health. Reducing premenstrual syndrome (PMS), to giving relief from menstrual cramps, these eggs are used to improve the overall health of the vaginal area.

This also leads to further health and mood improvements because of release of hormones or the control of the hormones. Therefore the erratic mood swings and cravings can be evened out and as a result the menstrual cycle is a bit more tolerable in many cases.
Who wouldn’t mind that?
3. Balancing menses, daily hormones:

Not only are these eggs useful for gynecologic health, but also result in balancing and improving hormones. This leads to an overall health improvement in a general sense.

Yoni eggs used daily for 15-20 minutes can lead to youthful better skin, much better genital toning, lubrication etc. This is true even after the menopause in older women. The practice of Yoni eggs is not known too many.
The usefulness is making rounds in today’s increased health conscious society. It may be good to go for 15 minute block of inserted use when first starting out.
The muscles will still be getting used to the ‘egg’ and it could be a bit much on the muscles initially.
This shortened block of time also allows you and your body to get comfortable with the yoni.
Also a good way to express self-love and appreciation of our body. Along with this – we can consider various “Eggsercise” as we continue our use of the Yoni.