The Day After A Massage


Massage therapy has many wonders on the human body. Not to our surprise massage has an extremely relaxing effect on body and mind too. For instance, a strong massage will have a positive effect on health in terms of higher blood circulation, enhanced immunity, relieving stress and even improving and contributing to a peaceful sleep duration.

Though massage therapy has genius results as one feels amazingly happy and relaxed. However, one should be aware of the post-massage precautions to enjoy the best results for a longer time.

Often times we don’t feel the full effects of massage therapy right after the event, however it is “The Day After” which is many times quite brutal.

Here are just a few important tips, that any one of us can follow after having a wonderful massage therapy session:

Increase Water Intake
The first and foremost essential thing to follow after having a massage treatment is water intake as much as possible.
Healthy massage on your body will remove the toxins waste leaving the body tissues dehydrated. Higher intake of water after massage therapy will rebuild the tissues, hydrate the body and will help in urination. In case you had an injury, water intake will also aid in recovering damaged tissues.

FUN FACT: 1 liter of water is needed for every 24 KG of your weight

Lower Physical Activities To Avoid Stress
Stay calm and cool after having a massage. One needs to avoid any strong physical activities for around 5 to 9 hours after the massage. Well, the more to relax your body the more long-lasting effect that massage will leave. As massage losses your muscles and physical activate will contact them again that is likely to cause muscle soreness. Moreover, avoiding stress and physical activities will have prolonged health benefits like improved sleep, less irritability and realization of healthy life.

Take A Warm Soothing Bath
To enhance the effect of massage, take a warm water bath along with salt and sodium bicarbonate in it, this will stimulate the blood circulation creating a healing effect on the whole body.

Release And Welcome Different Emotions
A strong rubdown on the body releases hormones that can further unlock the emotions. Do not snub the emotion let them come out and enjoy them. Appreciate each and every moment with the release of every emotion.

Slight Body Stretches And Workout
A light workout is always recommended after a massage therapy. Though you do not need to do it on the same day it’s highly suggested to perform slight stretches and light workout on the next day. Follow your therapist or fitness trainer guide while exercising as they know what’s best for you and your body. Stretching and massage are of equal importance as massage soothes your body and stretches or workout will sustain this effect for a longer time and better outcomes.