The Benefit of a Birth Doula

A supportive way during pregnancy

There’s so much preparation when expecting that it is easy to overlook some things. Sure, you have the 1000 diapers that you got at the baby shower that will last all of twenty minutes, but what about a birth doula?

A birth doula is a person who acts as a companion that provides non-medical care to a woman giving birth.

Some benefits of having a birth doula are:
The child’s wellness, Positive psychological impact, and bonding.

Any parent’s primary concern with their child’s birth is the baby’s health and wellness, and a birth doula can help guide you to the healthiest birth possible.

Working with a trained, experienced professional who can advise you, answer your questions, and help create a birth plan will not only ensure the wellness of your child, but also provide you with much-needed peace of mind (which happens to be the second benefit of a birth doula!).

The psychological impact of a birth doula cannot be overstated.

Knowing that you are doing everything possible for your child can help ease the anxiety and fear many first-time parents go through. There are plenty of parents who have had such a positive experience that they wouldn’t have another child without a birth doula. Creating a plan with your birth doula will empower you with a sense of control and confidence as you prepare to welcome your baby to the world.

Bonding with a birth doula has significant and intrinsic benefits that you may not get anywhere else, such as in a book or watching preparation videos. Having a seasoned ear to listen and speak to the concerns you may not want to share with anyone else is invaluable. Sharing the joy of your child’s birth with your trusted confidant and planning partner is something no one should miss out on.

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