That Little Love Handle

Some of us experience this little bit of issue at times of trying to manage and lose weight, and so much so that we even have a name for that extra bit. Tackling those “Love Handles” at times is not very easy, never mind what all those smooth ads say and how the models say that they worked out for a little bit – changed their diet and it was gone…

Well we all know in real life that struggling to do a few burpies in between our schedule isn’t the most inviting experience that we want to imagine. Along with those love handles we also may have a little bit of “extra” to our arms calves and hips too and we know that we’d like to lose that little bit of weight. Heck! persons are just forming their opinion of us just by seeing us…

We all like a little positive comment too, every now and then is fine. How do we go about tackling our weight loss so that we still look good or get to at least look great and make our friends a bit envious of our new figure? Well in order to do this we need to know what is the contributor first, then head on across to finding a compatible solution to our weight loss.

Contributing to our weight gain, may be us messing with the natural process of converting food to energy. In other words we all take in more food than we really need…

However our body will not reject this, what it’ll do is take it convert it for storage and boom! you now have stored fat in cases of emergency. If that emergency never comes but we continue to consume more and more foods then we store more and more. In the evolution of mankind – our bodies adapt – and consuming extra food means that we are preparing to be without food for an extended period. This is just a natural response! many of us do not realize the extra food which we stuff into our mouths. This include things such as snacking so often, in-between meals for lunch and dinner, late night meals, ordering take-out because an ad says so on our television. Meanwhile – we haven’t moved enough to burn these extra calories.

On the other hand if we’ve just tried one of those crash 6-week or 10-week diet plans, then our bodies are starving and this is now the other extreme. This then means that our body will make that extra fat stick like glue as our metabolism is messed up, hormonal balance is awry, and everything is out of wack. Therefore – in response, our bodies will say – “Fat-my friend lets stay here for a little while longer”, as our bodies go into survival mode and losing weight will be a problem.

However – what if – we gradually work on our lifestyle then we can change. In fact with close consultation with your doctor, dietitian or even nutritionist, they may even suggest the inclusion of weight-loss supplement capsules. Those capsules as we know can be jam packed with all kinds of stuff – however in conjunction with your doctor or nutritionist then you can lose weight effectively. There are some interesting stuff which can be found in them as well…

Caffeine – A natural stimulant – aiding in giving you some extra energy. In the right quantities – then you can also burn the extra calories.

Fiber – This makes you feel fuller and for longer, without adding anything. Its always good to have a little bit of roughage so that digestion happens smoothly. Therefore nothing hangs around in the gut since fiber is a good “broom” acting to clean and keep things moving through our digestive tract.

Amino Acid by-product – LCarnitine. This is naturally occurring in our bodies and is produced as a by-product of other amino acids. Generally found in many supplements, it helps in the role of transporting fatty acids into the cells’s machinery.

These are just three of the things which are found in weight-loss supplements and ideally they should be used as we work on our overall lifestyle to get healthier. It should be recognized that they are supplements and not the cure-all magic pill.

Our Suggestions

  • The use of weight loss supplements should be in conjunction with some measure of exercise to get our heart rate up.
  • Enhancing our dietary intake – listen to your nutritionist or dietitian in the types of foods to consume
  • Quantities | Quantities | Quantities – Watch the amount of everything you intake
  • Beware of the slick ads that make you feel hungry – drink water instead

We all need a hand every now and then with our life goals…