A Little Garlic Beats That Yeast Infection

Garlic for Yeast Infections?

Before we get into the potential benefits of garlic and yeast infections, let’s talk about what yeast infection is. Scientifically it’s name is candida vulvovaginitis but we will call it Candida for short.

Candida normally lives in a woman’s vagina but sometimes it might overgrow and can leave some symptoms; even though it is a normal part of us, too much of it can be bad. Luckily, garlic may have some benefits but we will get into that later. Back to the overgrowth, it may cause itching and burning with urination and those symptoms may resemble those of a sexually transmitted disease.

Sexually transmitted diseases can many times, be confused with a yeast infection; a yeast infection can also be confused to be a sexually transmitted disease as well. People are usually tested for those just to rule them out.

It is also common in diabetics, those sexually active, HIV/AIDS, antibiotics, and pregnancy; most commonly people with compromised immune systems; these conditions do weaken your immune system and let’s candida grow. Luckily, garlic may be the alternative and miracle treatment. The usual treatment for it is commonly anti-fungal medication and as well as avoiding things like douching which is using water to clean the inside of the vagina. Sometimes these medications can be costly; healthcare in some places makes buying medication unaffordable.

The ways Candida grows is that it has to live in a non-acidic environment. Like it has mechanisms of it’s own to keep the pH high or make the acidity low. If the acidity is too low then candida cannot survive.

Candida can only live in an environment where the pH is from four to seven. Garlic’s pH is much lower than this; this spells bad news for candida or what causes a yeast infection; garlic may show a potency of ending a yeast infection. Proving how where garlic may play a role. It may play a role in lowering the pH of the vagina; increasing the acidity of the vagina. This has been done in lab studies; garlic can have potent effects.

Many people seek other treatments to treat yeast infections other than medicine. Garlic is one of these. Anything that makes the garlic have a lower pH or more acidic can be a remedy to treating a yeast infection. For centuries this remedy has been done. 

I hope you learned a thing about the wonderful effects of garlic. Do you now think garlic can be a solution for yeast infections?